Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sweet 16 parade

Hello. I'm back! The past month has been crammed full of fun and inspiring things to share - but alas no time. First up I want to mention the Sweet 16 fashion parade, organised by Trenna & Briar at Irving Baby. Let's set the scene: it was a balmy night on Hindley St, all the cool kids of Adelaide were sipping bubbly from plastic patterned flutes, and sweating as the show began. Icing on the cutest of cupcakes was melting - it was HOT. The 16 dresses, customised by 16 local designers covered the full gamut from conceptual to ready to wear. From sexy to sweet, scary & street. A big thanks to Anna for strutting her stuff in my creation & to the girls for inviting me to be involved! And Irving Baby is now stocking my range of jewellery. Yay.

p.s. Some of you may have noticed I have been published in the local press as Naomi Muller (not MURRELL) - a tres hilaire development in my attempts at self promotion. It's nice to have an alter ego...

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