Tuesday, October 21, 2008

la fleur for sproutdesign

I'm chuffed about my first fabric run for Bek & Tim at sproutdesign. The design is called La Fleur and it is the most buttery yellow ever. Which for some reason I am obsessed with at the moment. As illustrated by this recent canister purchase from etsy. I do love real butter. Maybe that has something to with it. Mainly I think it's just such a happy colour! You can buy some here along with more lovely fabrics by various talented peeps. One day I might sew something delightful out of this piece. Stay tuned.


chelsea said...

Love your work!


Simone said...

I just found your work through Nantaka Joy's blog Oh Joy and I love it!


The Tilted Tulip said...

that mustard color is so yummy! lovely blog...keep up the good work!

Steph Bond said...

Beautiful print Naomi! I'd love a beach umbrella with that design! And huge congrats on the decor8 feature. Fabulous stuff.
Best wishes,
Steph @ Bondville