Thursday, November 20, 2008

salty dawg

Yo, so I've been tagged by Amy to post 6 boring quirky things about me. God knows who would want to know this but:
I eat peanut butter in extreme quantities. 
I own more pairs of white canvas sneakers than I practically need. 
I look at white canvas sneakers whenever I shop. 
My sisters and I say "salty dawg" whenever eating salty food. 
Bored yet?
I enjoy modern history. Classical times not so much.
I like scalloped edges. 

There will be a test on this later.


jessicalisemurrell said...

Salty Dawg!!! Man, I could go some of that right now...plain black tea just isn't cutting the mustard.

BTW, can you say something *does* cut the mustard ("this jumbo bag of chips really cuts the mustard"), or can you only use it in the negative? hmm...

Bethany said...

I love your art and your tennies!