Tuesday, December 15, 2009

design work for new label :: Oi Boi

Dave and I have collaborated on a pretty unique client design project over the last little while... We've been partners in crime working on the branding and website for a new Aussie boy's t-shirt label, Oi Boi, the brainchild of the very creative Atsikbasis family. Their first range of 100% cotton tees feature some seriously hilarious prints of illustrations by 8 year old Dion Atskibasis.

We like the ghosts tee in white a lot.

It's definitely been a challenge designing a look and feel which will appeal to boys age 5-10, but also to the mums and dads who will ultimately part with their dollars to dress their kids. We think the result is a good mix of bold graphics, loud typography and hopefully lets the humour of Dion's designs take centre stage.

The highlight of the project for me is the swing tags which were designed as oversize stickers so kids can recycle them to decorate their schoolbooks or whatevs. Oh and we also like the brand slogan:

Make it happen.


Cappello Design said...

I really like the feel that you are getting here. I think that this would appeal to that age group that you are trying to get,

pixelgrit said...

nice simple, slick designs you two. they feel very natural and kid-like. great work.

aelred patrick said...

Dang! These are cute. Yet I know some young chaps who'd spark for them, no probs.

Need I say, aforesaid young chaps would run, like, a skillion miles from girl germ words such as 'cute'?! - but would career madly around in these, like dusty dervishes & dinky toys, till they dropped!

Where can one purchase Oi Boi Ts if one abides in a foreign territory (eg the ACT of our fine land)?

Naomi Murrell said...

Hi mister patrick, your best bet is to visit the Oi Boi online store at:


Happy shopping!