Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oranges: Nah. Persimmons: Jah!

I like to think I'm a pretty open minded person but for years I've been anti anything orange. Recently I was pleasantly surprised to find that persimmons are really beautiful in winter and that maybe I can learn to love and even design with this colour in mind. Two cases in point:

1. Persimmons featuring as props in our latest photo shoot by Ms Belinda Monck*.
2. My new print, The Woods.

*More to come from this shoot soon!


laura evans/photography said...

stunning prints ... found your work on "whole lotta lovely" by Marie Nichols. Love the colours & shapes in your designs.

Naomi Murrell said...

hey, thanks laura!

Amy Paul said...

Hello Hello!

Yes, I find it hard to be friends with certain colours as well. I am planning on making yellow my friend when we move to our hideously pink and outdated farm house in a few weeks.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE pink.
NOT ON AN EXTERIOR of my house, however.

We also share the love of Laura Marling.
I'd imagine you are also smitten with Washington?

I have sent an email to my mother, grandmother and sister in law begging them to buy me ANYTHING from your shop.
Hope you get a couple of orders from the USA sometime before the 27th of September for my b-day.

Have a happy day.
xx Amy

Naomi Murrell said...

Hello Amy!

Wow a pink farmhouse, that sounds potentially awesome or as you say slightly hideous... Good luck with the move.

Yep Laura Marling is the bomb. She played in Adelaide a few weeks ago and did not disappoint. She performed beautifully and had surprisingly humorous interactions with the crowd. She is a star.

Take care & thanks for your kind words too,
Naomi xx