Monday, May 17, 2010

To market, to market!

After our 3 day whistle-stop tour of Sydney we have returned with more cash, less stock, more ideas and less energy than we had when we left. Dave also scored an amazing duffle jacket by the label Vanishing Elephant (Murakami reference anyone?!).... can't find a decent photo of it anywhere online... Anyway, a good weekend was had by all. Props to the Finders Keepers ladies for running such a smooth event in the AMAZING Carriageworks, and cheers for the backing tracks supplied by a never-ending parade of folksy music types. LOVED it!!


Anna Laura said...

Hope you guys had fun! I told people to say hello to you guys who were going, so if you had random people saying hello creating an awkward situation, well you have me to thank!

Naomi Murrell said...

Hey Anna, it was rad. We definitely had some hilarious situations, but nothing you need to feel responsible for! Hope you guys are all good. x