Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey folks!

I'm a sucker for ye olde typography.

This vintage woodblock type sparked the inspiration for our new range, Lovely Folk. Dave and I came across these letters in a whole drawer full of old printer's type in a local second hand store and spent ages in a graphic design wonderland playing with words and shapes. Definitely one of our favourite pastimes!

And we've all been working like crazy to get ready for the preview of Lovely Folk at the upcoming Life Instyle trade fair next week in Sydney. All shall be revealed soon...!


Kyrie K said...

What a fantastic find. I was given a 'K' and a 'D' for Christmas, but a whole collection - I am very envious. Looking forward to seeing the new range soon. Kx

Anonymous said...

Hello Naomi!

I really like your things...I love the bird neckless./linda