Monday, February 1, 2010


Ahh January, where did you go? Seems to have slipped away with holidays and balmy nights and dreaming up new ideas for this year. Planning adventures and filling my head with designy goodness. Some highlights from the month include these wing tips purchased on etsy... how preppy are they??? They're basically just a formal version of my usual uniform of pointy white sneakers, but anyway. I love them. Plus they remind me of Andy Warhol's shoe drawings from his days as an illustrator, which leads me to my next thrilling literary discovery, titled The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, and self written by Andy, this was such a freakin hilarious read. His humour and honest musings on life reminded me of Larry David and David Sedaris. Very inspiring and entertaining stuff Mr Warhol.

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Mel said...

Wow, will have to check that book out - especially because of the comparisons with Larry David & Sedaris.