Thursday, March 5, 2009


It's a funny thing that whenever my rational side takes over I become uber efficient and task orientated at running my business. Then I get stressed. Anxious. Basically a psycho. And wonder why I'm running a creative business. And I almost always forget that the best way to relax and my favourite thing to do is draw. For no reason other than the pleasure of it. Not for a client or a project. Just for me. Selfish? Yep. But it does the trick. Makes the ideas start floating around my mind. Yesterday I drew with a proper 2B pencil, not a technical pencil and it was so liberating. I know I should get out more. But seriously.


Dionne said...

Drawing can be so therapeutic! What cute illustrations. Found you through the Creature Comfort blog. Your Etsy store is so cute!

creativegirl said...

Hi, love your drawings, so beautiful. I've just started drawing again as a way to relax. I'm a bit rusty but should get there one day!